Car Sighting – His Majesty The Sultan’s Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

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Royal Merc 1

Yep. Exactly as the headline says. This is His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei’s personal Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. Not just any ordinary G-Wagen though. As you can see from the pic, it has massive AMG rims, a very cool (or should I say hot?) side exhaust system, and V8 Kompressor badges on its flanks. Oh, and matte, yet expensive looking, black paint. Yes, ladies & gentlemen, it’s a G55 AMG.

*Model = Flank badges: G55 = V8 Kompressor,  early G63 = 6.3, current G63 = V8 Biturbo, G65 = V12 Biturbo. Or, you know, just look at the model name on the car’s back door.

A little bit of context:

To non-Bruneians and/or those who are unfamiliar with Brunei’s culture and norms, His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei (referred to by Bruneians as HM) goes to different mosques around the country every week for Friday prayers (Brunei is an Islamic Monarchy after all). He does this to see the current welfare of his people, and how all the development projects being done in the country are progressing. As far as I know His Majesty the Sultan go to these mosques in a random order, and arrives  for Friday prayers unannounced. This pic was taken at my local mosque, located near Brunei International Airport.

Until rather recently, the Sultan drives around in an early model Mercedes ML55 AMG in metallic black. Now though he seems to enjoy driving around in this tough, matte black G-Wagen. I think this suits him better.

Royal Merc 2

As you can imagine, it is a rare opportunity for anyone living in any country to see and greet their country’s leader/ruler. As such, both locals and foreign nationals take this chance to at least catch a glimpse of His Majesty the Sultan. They were making the most of the opportunity by going to ‘ziarah’ (meet and greet) with the Sultan and his sons. Indeed during times such as these, some people may in fact air their grievances to His Majesty the Sultan. I have not seen such actions being done personally, it doesn’t seem to be too far a stretch of the imagination. His Majesty the Sultan does listen, Bruneians can attest to that.

In all of these pictures, you can see crowds were forming from the main entrance/exit of the mosque all the way to the car. Thus it was pretty much impossible to get a ‘clear’ picture of the car i.e. a picture with no one between me and the car.

Whereas most people were taking pics and videos of the Sultan, there I was taking pics of the G-Wagen. Let’s just say some people were amused (or should that be bemused?) by my actions.

In the end though, one phrase came up to me when I was looking at the G-Wagen, especially since it is my country’s ruler’s preferred choice of transport:

Royal Merc Drei




CarTok’s 3rd Anniversary!!! + Inane Major Service & Repairs

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CarTok celebrates it’s 3rd birthday today. Again I have to thank Reanxyz for allowing me to have my own section on the KupiTok blog. As I have said in my previous post, I found it unbelievable I had no CarTok posts in 2012. Hopefully this post will mark the return of semi-regular posts, not only on CarTok, but KupiTok as well.

In my previous post, I said I wanted to get new tyres for Inane. In actual fact I wanted to buy Zweihänder new tyres as well. So I budgeted BND $1,500 (USD $1200) to buy new sets of tyres for both.

Thing is, Inane has gone past 250,000 kilometres (155,000 miles) recently. It is also due for it’s annual inspection at the Land Transport Department in a couple of months. So I figured since I have some cash on me, I might as well send the car for a major service (engine oil, oil filter, timing belt, transmission oil, brake service etc). There should still be enough money to get at least a set of tyres for Inane and not much needed to be added to get tyres for Zweihänder.



… things turned out to be more expensive and time consuming than I thought. Also, a couple of issues have been identified.

The area surrounding the oil drain plug on the oil pan needs to be repaired. Luckily there were no oil leaks but it did cost me extra and meant the labour costs were higher than expected.

Another problem identified is that my drive shafts weren’t in their best condition. Nor were the front suspension’s lower arms. So I had to send the car back to the menders a few days later to get those problems fixed.


$460 + $950 + $18 (cost of alignment at TyreMart) = $1428 total. There goes my budget…..

Well, I guess replacing the tyres would have to wait.

I think I should now add that the tyres for both Inane and Zweihänder are still easily legal. It’s just that they feel ‘old/tired’. So even though the tread look fine, the cars  just don’t feel as confidence-inspiring as they should be when driving them ‘spiritedly’.

But hey, every cloud has a silver lining and all that. At least mechanically, Inane is now as fighting fit as I could realistically expect it to be. That’s not a bad way to celebrate CarTok’s 3rd anniversary is it?


I’ll Be Back…….

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…… just in time for CarTok’s 3rd anniversary. Inane needs new boots. Tyre shopping time!!!

(Dayuuuuuuuuum. I really had no posts from 2012?)


it’s been a while..

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its been a while since i opened up this blog.. and most of us admin as well i think..

last post was in june 2012..

its already near end of Q1 for this year.. so fast when you look back how time flies..

Anyway, just wanted to share this tech web blog by one of Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Person)

His name is Akfash Ahamed Abdul Latibu, same as his blog name (he is a muslim by the way). He is the Head of Training at TechOne Global Brunei, I just met him yesterday and we had a little chit chat lah about techs..

Just knew he had a blog, so i’m sharing it to the public



Coke and Pepsi contains traces of alcohol!

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taken from


Coca-Cola and Pepsi contain minute traces of alcohol, scientific research published in France has revealed.

The revelation will cause concern among those who chose the carbonated soft drink for religious, health or safety reasons.

According to tests carried out by the Paris-based National Institute of Consumption (INC) more than half of leading colas contain the traces of alcohol.

Can't beat the real thing: The revelation will cause concern among those who chose the carbonated soft drink for religious, health or safety reasonsCan’t beat the real thing: The revelation will cause concern among those who chose the carbonated soft drink for religious, health or safety reasons

These include the brand leaders Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola, while it is mainly only cheap supermarket versions of the drink which are alcohol-free.

‘60 Million Consumers’, the French magazine, publishes the results of the tests in its latest issue.

They suggest that the alcohol levels are as low as 10mg in every litre, and this works out at around 0.001 per cent alcohol.



But the figures will still be enough to upset the thousands of Muslims who regularly drink Cola because their religion forbids them from drinking alcohol.

Those who are teetotal and drink Coke regularly will also be worried, as will those who choose it as an alternative to alcohol when they are driving.

Of 19 colas tested, the nine which did not contain alcohol were made by brands including Auchan, Cora, Casino, Leader Price and Man U-Cola.

Muslims praying at the Paris great Mosque: Many people regularly drink Cola because their religion forbids them from drinking alcoholMuslims praying at the Paris great Mosque: Many people regularly drink Cola because their religion forbids them from drinking alcohol

Ten which had traces of alcohol in them included Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Coca-Cola Classic Light and Coke Zero.

Michel Pepin, scientific director for Coca-Cola France, said: ‘It is possible that traces of alcohol come from the process’ of making Coca Cola according to its secret recipe.

He insisted, however, that Coca-Cola drinks were provably ‘soft’ and recognised as such ‘by the government authorities in which they are sold’.

Mr Pepin added: ‘Furthermore, the Paris Mosque has provided us with a certificate stating that our products can be consumed by the Muslim community in line with the religious opinions of the Committee of the Mosque of Paris.’

Not the only pick me up: Caffeine is widely considered to be the main stimulus contained in cola, as well as sugarNot the only pick me up: Caffeine is widely considered to be the main stimulus contained in cola, as well as sugar

A spokesman for Pepsi  acknowledged that ‘some soft drinks can  contain minute traces of alcohol because of the ingredients used,’  although ‘ the Pepsi Cola recipe does not contain alcohol ‘.

Both companies suggested that natural fruit can ferment and produce minute traces of alcohol.

Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by the American John Pemberton and was originally patented as a medicine which could cure everything from headache to impotence.

It went on to dominate the international soft drinks market and is now a US icon sold in more than 200 countries.

However, caffeine is widely considered to be the main stimulant contained in the drink, along with vast amounts of sugar which have come to associate it with a range of health problems including obesity.

Every can of Coke contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Read more:

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