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Noel said… in 2 weeks time

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(BT 28-09-2010)  Link

Brunei Halal Brand slated to launch in Singapore





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another ayamku in kuching, msia.. ahaa.. idunt think it is owned by soon lee. since the logo different..

The menu also different

Maybe one day it will come to Brunei… Just maybe..


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Msia detained indons official in the water near Riau islands which is indon punya..

so in jakarta…

Police said they had boosted security at the Malaysian embassy in Jakarta after protesters managed to hurl a package containing human faeces at the building on Monday.

haha… people tend to get over the line when they are angry


Whose fault

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I find the news disturbing… Why the old man now seem very innocent… he was the one who started the mess


Road rage: Youth faces jail, caning
By James Kon

A 25-year-old man is facing jail and whipping after he allegedly damaged a car’s spoiler during a heated altercation in a road rage incident on Tuesday.He has been charged under Section 427 of the Penal Code Cap 22 (Mischief), the police said.

According to a police report, the incident happened around the merging lanes of Tungku Link highway near the overhead Rimba flyover.

The 25-year-old driver, who was heading towards Bandar Seri Begawan from Rimba, had suddenly entered the merging lane with vehicles coming from Jerudong. His action caught a 63-year-old man heading in the same direction by surprise.

The elderly driver annoyed by the act continuously horned and flashed his car’s headlights while tailgating the 25-year-old.

The elderly driver eventually drove up to the side of the young driver’s car and pointed angrily at him.

The youth provoked by the elderly male driver stopped his car by the side of the road and approached the old man wielding a hockey stick.

A commotion broke out resulting in the young driver smashing the spoiler of the elderly man’s car.

The elderly driver, alarmed by the actions of the young driver, left the scene immediately and reported the matter at the Bandar Central Police Station.

The Royal Brunei Police Force managed to trace the young driver through the licence plate number of his car and went to his house, but couldn’t find him.

The young driver later came to the station and admitted to have lost his temper because of the elderly man’s actions, which made him to grab his hockey stick and hit the complainant’s car.

In relation to the case, the police have advised members of the public against taking matters into their own hands.

Such unwarranted and aggressive behaviour can have adverse consequences to both parties, they said and urged road users to be patient especially during the fasting month.

The youth faces a jail term of five years and two strokes of the cane if found guilty.

Msia currency

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Msia use back the gold dinar and silver dirham coins

Rather than going into the electronic currency, now they are heading back to the original currency usage. The coins came into circulation Thursday and can be purchased at various locations in Kelantan. Their worth is currently about US$180 per dinar and US$4 per dirham.

Dont really know how it would works with today’s depleted resources.. Are they going to do backed  their paper currency with gold and silver as well?

i dont think i would spend the coins if i received them.. aha. Let’s wait and see how their initiative go

farming awards

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Reanxyz, you remember we went to my uncles’ chicken farm in tutong last time?
He won an award for non-ruminant livestock farming.
Acting Tutong District Officer Hj Muhammad Suffian Hj Bungsu (L), presenting the award for Best Non-Ruminant Livestock Farm to Azmain Sulaiman of Syarikat Azmain Sulaiman. Picture: BT/Hj Md Ali
FOUR farmers were recognized for their achievements in farming yesterday, during the Best Farm 2010 Awards ceremony which was held during a motivational talk for farming entrepreneurships.

Chung Luh Zeh from Superb Agriculture Farm, won the award for best vegetable farm and Hjh Jandi Hj Japan from Syarikat Handi Hj Japar won for Best Ornamental Plants and Nursery Farm.

Meanwhile Azmain Sulaiman of Syarikat Azmain Sulaiman won Best Non-Ruminant Livestock Farm and Chakap Buntar of Syarikat Nong Tangang Jaya won for Best Ruminant Livestock Farm.

Syarikat Azmain Sulaiman which rears chicken at Kg Bangungos, began production in 2003, with the building a chicken coop which had a capacity for 30 chickens.

They later built two bigger coop to house some 700 chickens each, later obtaining recognition for slaughter houses, slaughter certificates, halal logo and suppliers certificate.

From 2007 to 2009, the number of broiler chickens has gone from over 12,000 to 28,000.

This year the farm has built an additional chicken coop, to house an additional 2,000 chickens.

Senior Agriculture Assistant Hafizah Nurhaziyah from the Department of Agriculture, said that the awards were based on which farms had the highest yield, followed advice given by the department and also contributed to the department.

Prior to the awards ceremony, the event was host to a motivational talk by Ustaz Hj Mail Besar from Temburong on Farming from the Islamic Perspective.

Present as guest of honour at the event was the Acting Tutong District Officer Hj Muhammad Suffian Hj Bungsu.

The Brunei Times

i went to tutong last sunday for tahlil and he also combined the function with an appreciation award for his employees. During the function, the penghulu was invited to give a speech lah for his achievements. Some of things that the penghulu mentioned:
we should be motivated in creating our own opportunities in the business world when we look at what Azmain has achieved, he was no stranger to failures before this. (i remember he used to have a hand-made furniture workshop, and that also went into recognition from RTB because it was a local runned business, but after sometime the business tutup lah. Then he tried selling burung puyu eggs, a small vegetable farm and itik farming, the latter one he used to make ‘telur masin’. only the vegetables and itik survived until now, burung puyu have to stop coz there was bird flu going around at that time and the demand for puyu eggs was not much. i remember going to a few kedai runcit in tutong with him coz he was sending the vegies for sale. and lastly he came to the chicken farming lah until now). we should also take note that he started his business own his own, considering that our govt have been providing subsidies for locals.. he chose not to rely on govt and managed to run his company successfully until now. his determination on not giving up after past failures should be taken as an example for those who want to be involved in the business world…. blaa blaaa blaa
(thats all i can remember hehe)
and i gave alot of thought about it, my uncle didn’t have an extensive knowledge on agriculture before this, but he had the courage to try it out and of course learned so many valuable knowledge about what he is doing… it kinda gave me some motivation lah now.. its a success story we can take example from..

2012 Conspiracy

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i was laughing hard on the comments in this youtube link — >

So Nasa said there is no problem.. position of galaxy alignment occurs at close proximity every few years

I notice how this 2012 conspiracy get started.. First they show you a lot of funny movies… like the fictional “knowing” where solar storm destroy earth….. then they show lot of documentaries to discuss about that possibility of solar storm destroy earth… then they come with lot of theories…. mayan calender blah blah… then now everyone curious, they make 2012 that make it HUGE in the cinema.. and now causing paranoia across the world…

Scientists argued with each others, Nasa debating with the funny scientists and those activities people who claimed solar storm will come without warning.. reversal of magnetic poles.. atmosphere gone… strong radiation. tectonic plate moves and rearrange. no technology…

kids feeling scare and started to believe in things less scary… 2012 conspiracy.. which they believe it is just one of the work of illuminati trying to zero the economy or zeroed the value of money of one country which used to claimed as “the world”… aha..

and the sequel 2013 on the making.. coming out mebe next yr. ahaha

The story just keep going wilder~


Any links/news/theory you guys want to contribute just add to the comments la