Authors’ Profiles


Full Name: Rean Xyz Chong Chen
D.O.B.: 19.02.1902
Marital Status: Married (wooohooo)
Source of Income: Gonna send my Ninjas


Full Name: 彭博文
D.O.B. 5th August 1985
Marital Status Planning to get married in 8 years...therefore right now still SINGLE... Hehehe...
Source of Income Bruneian Non-Secret Government Agent for Community Development...


Full Name: M. A. Yusree
D.O.B. 17/2/1405
Marital Status: Singling Mingling Jingling Ding-a-ling
Source of Income: Sorta-Kinda-Official-Governmental-Institutional-Allowancey-Thingy


Full Name: Didi Fernandes
D.O.A.: 05-07-2009
Marital Status: Married
Source of Income: Multi-million dollar company 


Full Name:
Marital Status:
Source of Income:


Full Name: Mohamed Nazmi 


Full Name: Mohammad Basirun Basir Bin Ahmad
D.O.B.: 25/02/1985
Marital Status: Bachelor
Source of Income: The 55% left after tax. 
  1. reanxyz says:

    From Didi

    How to edit author’s profile

    Go to “my dashboard”
    pilih PAGES
    then click AUTHORS PROFILE
    atu lah
    dsna ko edit.
    Not thru gravatar atu

  2. mohamednazmi says:

    Or if you’re logged in, just click “Edit Page” at the very top of the page.

  3. reanxyz says:

    hahaa… dint knw that :p

  4. Mr Long says:

    Salam can i become one of the authors? wanna spread my knowledge n information to the rest of the world….eseh…

  5. abufarhi says:

    ooo great sifu~~~ share us your knowledge~~

  6. SchwarzeMitternacht says:

    So Mr. Long, bila spotlight on your evo? Lama udah aku nada buat article ni. Hahaha

  7. Mr Long says:

    SchwarzeMitternach bh manaja….be my guest

  8. abufarhi says:

    Mr long.. bila kawen?

  9. Mr Long says:

    tunang dulu ler…10/12/10

  10. Naz says:

    Kamu, kamu mau tucker ke blogger system ka? I think may be easier to update sana. Thoughts?

  11. abufarhi says:

    bah tunang 10-12-2010
    bila kawen nya?

  12. Mr Long says:

    ada th tu…tunggu hehe 😉

  13. abufarhi says:

    kawen tah..mana tau dpt anugerah jua nanti utk baby mu hehehehe

  14. Mr Long says:

    Anugerah dari Allah pun dah memadai…

    • reanxyz says:

      brother long. somehow WordPress not detecting you as wordpress user. sure kah you register your wordpress using long(censored)@hot email..
      anyway.. any author from this blog can add you in anytime after u sign up wordpress.

      • Mr Long says:

        Salam raziq….k i just confirm da subscription from wordpress…n i received the posts in my email…so its ok now lh?

  15. abufarhi says:

    ya tah.. capat2 tah kawen.. dpt jua anugerah Allah.. lau nda kawen, cemana kan dapat cahaya mata? nda ja? haha

    • Mr Long says:

      rileks ler….save2 budget bh…its gonna be sederhana p meriah n biarlh rahsia

      • abufarhi says:

        woseh.. jgn rahsia eh… di galakkan memeriahkan n menghebohkan hari yang bersejarah dlm idup mu atu nanti. ikut sunnah tu yooo.. kira supaya urg lain tau yg kamu kawen dah.. and bagi warning to others.. kamu atu ‘OFF-LIMITS’ sudah haha jgn kacau2.. laki/bini urg sudah

  16. reanxyz says:

    haha.. i still cant add mr long as admin. can someone help..?
    his email long(censored)
    and i still dont know if he has registered WP or not

  17. abufarhi says:

    aku cuba invite ia lagi to our blog. register n apa2 lah dulu long..

  18. reanxyz says:

    i had edited all the text above about MrLongWang ‘s email to “long(censored)@hot”
    Well… the “Censored” word is intended
    so it sound dodgy.

  19. abufarhi says:

    i just realised my full name is didi fernandes haha
    where mr long punya details?

  20. reanxyz says:

    why didi fernandes? ehe

  21. abufarhi says:

    hm…i forgot why i put fernandes…. maybe i’ll change to something else lah hehe

  22. reanxyz says:

    put fernando torres. ehe

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