BRIDEX 2013 Static Aircraft Display: Intro

Posted: 18 March 2014 by SchwarzeMitternacht in PlaneTok

Hello there! It’s been rather a long while since I made a post here in KupiTok (the ‘Coming Soon’ teaser post notwithstanding). As the title of this post implies, I will make a series of posts on the Static Aircraft Display portion of BRIDEX 2013. This is an all text article, so no pics on this one.

A little bit of background. BRIDEX, or Brunei International Defence Exhibition, is a biennial event held here in Brunei. It started off mainly as a static exhibition held originally at Brunei’s International Convention Centre, before moving to a dedicated location named, perhaps rather obviously, BRIDEX Exhibition Centre. Nowadays, the event also includes an air show, with aircraft flying over the exhibition centre, and a static aircraft display at the Royal Brunei Air Force base in Rimba. My upcoming posts would focus on the latter.

Before I begin though, a couple of things I would like to share. I did not go to the static air display with thoughts on doing a blog post on it in mind. As such, I did not think of taking pictures of all the aircraft on display, nor did I take a lot of pictures of ones that I did. I only had the idea on doing a series of posts on the static display after looking at the pictures I have taken and wanting to share them. I hope you guys like the teaser photo I posted earlier showing Singapore’s Boeing F-15SG, Thailand’s Saab JAS 39C Gripen, and Malaysia’s Sukhoi Su-30MKM. My next post though will focus first on two of Brunei’s aircraft on display, a Pilatus PC-7 flown by Alap-Alap Formation aerobatic team, and a CASA/IPTN CN-235 transport aircraft.

Another thing, as of this writing, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 has been missing for over a week, and there is still a lot of confusion over what has actually happened. I would like to say, in behalf of all the authors of Kupitok, that our prayers and thoughts are with all that are affected by this unfortunate event, passengers and family members alike, and hope that at least some semblance of closure can be found soon.



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