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Cut and paste

“In this subject, it is important to explain to entrepreneurs and the parties that have been promised regarding the sandalwood tree, that the sandalwood trees can only produce sandalwood (gaharu) if a certain type of fungus exists,” he said.

The minister explained that the fungus would be carried by ants, and then transported into the trees. Overtime, the trees would rot and produced the sandalwood smell.

“So if the fungus does not exist, without its vector (ants), the gaharu will be left of its value to just a stem. No flower, no fragrant sandalwood, just the log,” said the minister.


Comment: I remember i was told a totally different thing. Plant in house. Annual check by people from forestry. After tree reach age of 5 year, people come checked the tree, if ok, cut it off, and give B$5000.

  1. abufarhi says:

    in the house or at our house punya vicinity?

    i had the impression around our housing area plg..

  2. reanxyz says:

    inside your house frontyard. or backyard

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