Schwarz, My 2011 Mercedes-Benz E300 Avantgarde

Posted: 25 August 2011 by SchwarzeMitternacht in C.L.U., Car Life, CarTok

You know, it’s actually pretty hard for me to even type about this car. My other cars, Inane (the Rover 416SLi) and Zweihänder (the BMW 850Ci) joined my garage as previously owned cars. And I had both for quite some time, learning each of their characters and foibles before this blog even existed. So basically when I typed the respective introductions for both cars, it was me basically describing my old friends of sorts, who have been through a lot with me.

This time however, I had the opportunity to get a brand new car. Not only that, I was able to choose the spec of the car. One proviso though, it had to be a Mercedes-Benz. Why? My mom wants a Mercedes-Benz. Yes. Really.

My mom has promised herself that she would get a Mercedes-Benz when she retires. Not only that, by the time she retired, she was set on getting a C-Class. A Nouveau Riche Mercedes-Benz!? NEIN!!!

(OK, I honestly do not wish to offend people who drive and own small engined C-Classes/3-series/A4s/ISs. They are nice, well engineered cars. If I was given any one of them, I’d be really happy and thankful. But yeah, when you think about it, those cars are seen as Nouveau Riche, and not just in Brunei either. Or lets put it in another way; in Brunei, what luxury cars would most people get when they graduate university and land their first decent job? My point exactly. Sorry for the rant)

So let’s just say by putting my own money down, I have steered her away from the C-Class and into the latest E-Class. In the spec I want. So basically she pays for the car, I pay for the ‘spec’, if that makes sense.

And that spec includes a V6 3.0 litre engine, and a  7-speed automatic transmission with paddle-shift (apparently you could not get this engine in Europe. You go straight from the 1.8 litre turbo found in the E200/E250 to the 3.5 litre V6 found in the E350. My best guess is that its for marketing  and emissions, since those engines feature direct injection a.k.a. CGI in Merc blurb. I wanted to get the car in E350 form, alas my budget didn’t stretch that far). Oh, and since the E300 comes with an Avantgarde spec minimum (at least here), I get 17 inch wheels, lowered suspension, and real leather. As a no cost option, anything I could spec in black, I have specced thusly (the Obisidian Black Metallic paint, the grille inserts, the ash wood veneer, the roof lining and last, but not least, the leather). Best BND$30,000 (USD$25,000) I spent in my entire life (and there goes my marriage  account. Don’t be sad for me though, I am currently a single-ing, mingle-ing, jingle-ing, ding-a-ling. With an attitude problem. And talk too much. Plus I’m very annoying. Really. Trust me on that).

So the order was made in February 2011. The car itself got made in Stuttgart in April 2011. During that time period, I actually gave the car a placeholder name – Schwarz – simply because of its blackness. I did ask you lot to give me ideas, but I guess I’m sticking with Scwarz. Not original, I know.

We finally took delivery of the car on 7/7/2011.

In my earlier post, I promised to tell how I got on with this car for the month of July, and also as a first step in making ‘proper’ monthly updates on this car. So my next post about Schwarz would be exactly about that, and my early impressions of running this impressive machine.

P.S. Dumbfoundead pointed something ironic about my current situation with the cars I run. My favourite ‘realistic’ cars are the Mazda RX-7s, Skyline GT-Rs (note I said Skyline, not the latest one), Toyota Supras, Subaru WRXs, Mitsubishi Evos and the like. So for someone who likes sporty Japanese machinery, and reads a lot of Japanese-centric car magazines, I am running 3 luxurious European cars instead…..



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