Inane: Routine Mantenance – Servicing August 2011

Posted: 24 August 2011 by SchwarzeMitternacht in Car Life, CarTok, Inane

Inane just hit 236,000kms  (about 147,000 miles)last week, so it’s time for its next oil service.

Just before servicing the car, it started to develop a high pitched sound from the front. As far as I can tell, it was not a drivetrain issue, but the sound only come up when I am in gear…

During the service (which was done, as usual, at Sumber Intermed), it was noticed that my power steering fluid level was on the low side. It was topped up, along with the other usual stuff done during an oil service (changing the engine oil, the oil filter etc.). The high pitch sound has not returned since. So was it really because of the low power steering fluid level? I’d love to hear feedback from you lot if you have any experience (or even theories) with this.

The service cost me BND$50 (USD$40…. the US Dollar is really not worth much nowadays huh?)

On a side note, my Falken Ze-912s are still hanging in there (i.e. still fully legal and giving me good grip and handling), lasting way longer than they have any right to be, but I have heard that Tyre Mart no longer stocks Falkens (?). Is a tyre model/brand change in order?



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