Oh my gutt…

Posted: 25 July 2011 by reanxyz in Uncategorized


oh my gutt……. i feel sad ready the article.. dont read.

just read this cut and paste

[cut-and-paste] His accompanying Ustaz wondered if his economy ticket could be upgraded so that he could be in the Business Class with the Professor. To leapfrog the story, we thought that this could be done if the Business Class still had vacant seats. But what shocked us was that the upgrading of the ticket would cost more than $7,000 to Dubai! We did try to convince RBA that since there were still vacant seats in the Business Class and the flight was nearing take-off, the cost of the upgrade should be far much lower than that B$7,000, could be just $2,000. Regrettably, we failed in our effort and the Ustaz advised us not to pursue the matter and just be sabar.

Allah Almighty intervened! The Ustaz was upgraded before take-off – free of charge!

[Fictional story] If a tourist go empire.. book at the economic room cost $260/night.. during the time when the hotel vacant rate is at the max…
The tourist requested “Heyy… since no one stay in your $1500/night Villa… maybe you can give it to us for $300/night. could be just $261/night”


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