Cerelac problem

Posted: 17 May 2011 by reanxyz in Uncategorized

My baby is now 6.5 mth old and had started feeding with cerelax milk cereal…

Last week suddenly baby become very un-energetic and kept vomiting…. and we noticed that he had no bowel movement for 1 day.. so now no more cerelac then baby become well and energetic again. so i think the vomiting was caused by digestive problems of the carbohydrate..

Today baby was fed with very little bit (one teaspoon) of cerelac (last time 4 teaspoon).. and he vomitted after a few hours…

so yeah…conclusion – my baby incompatible with  the cereal.

He will probably be able to digest starchy sugary stuff better in next few months..

  1. mohamednazmi says:

    my baby incompatible with the cereal.

    Maybe you should upgrade the firmware. Hehe.

  2. abufarhi says:

    hehe what flavor u used? i gave farhi the madu + gandum nestum cereal. he’s been eating it since i forgot when haha now i do campur some snacks lah with the cerelac.. now he bascially can eat what we eat. and pandai sudah cakap, “minta”

  3. abufarhi says:

    try go arah supasave.. they have quite a few brand of baby food over there.. just make sure to check whether it is halal to eat or not lah. we bought some fruit paste over there.. and i mixed it with the cerelac jualah kadang2

    • reanxyz says:

      had try with celerac gandum and the other one soya andmadu.. both also not good on him..
      btw.. your baby eat sayur kah?
      pandai jua so fast know how to say minta.. soon he will minta pocket money :p

      • abufarhi says:

        Yup he also eat sayur, got sawi kangkong ubi manis carrot..n also some fruits lah avocado mango banana etc bit by bit lah of course..

        Wat tym u give him cerelac? Morning or lunch? U could try brown rice and mix with for eg carrot kah and sayur.. At least got taste lah. Brown rice good for babies’ brain from what i read lah.. Then u blender those jadi paste lah.. Easy for him to swallow..

        When he is used to it.. Try adding new stuffs on his menu lah.. Like us.. We give him salmon jua sudah.. Ikan cod also.. And a lil bit of chicken lah kadang2

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