Kupitok 1 year + few days old

Posted: 17 April 2011 by reanxyz in Uncategorized

Kupitok blog was registered on 9th April 2010…

So 1 year 8 days old!!!

Somehow seem very long ago to me…

That time, we were at the gadong properties makan makan and holding a laptop party

  1. SchwarzeMitternacht says:

    Ah, 1 year ago. Memories of a more innocent and carefree time… Man I sound old… Hahaha

  2. abufarhi says:

    hahaha now everyone’s got a job.. we’ve moved on as the working class now.. no more schoolboyz haha

    soon.. everyone of us will start to have more commitments and a family to raise and to take care of…

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