Someone that we know

Posted: 23 March 2011 by reanxyz in Uncategorized


Bruneian goes to Fukushima 25-year-old doctor to begin internship at Tohoku hospital

Bruneian Norshalena Shakespear (2nd L) sharing a light moment with classmates at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University. The fresh graduate will start her internship in Fukushima soon. Picture: Courtesy of Norshalena
  1. mohamednazmi says:

    Haha I was going to post this… it certainly was a surprise as I opened up the newspaper this morning. Good luck to her, I guess…

  2. SchwarzeMitternacht says:

    Ganbatte ne, Shalena-san!

  3. abufarhi says:

    doesnt look like her.. haha she’s changed much;

  4. reanxyz says:

    the title of the article mentioned her age… i think it is rude to a lady to broadcast her age….

  5. reanxyz says:

    Update?! Follow-up article
    so she is very close to the nuclear incident area..

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