Benkyo 1: Ruth to riches

Posted: 18 March 2011 by reanxyz in Uncategorized

Ruth to riches boardgame… aka Smart money boardgame

It was one of the few boardgames that teach financial intelligence..

Points from Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Who took you money?”

1. Capital gains = assets that you possessed which you sell when values increase. You may get lump sum of $ but after that, that is it..
analogy. you have a chick. When it grows up, you slaughter and sell the chicken. end of story.

2. Cashflow = assets that keep giving you $ every month/year. you will keep receiving unless you sell it..
analogy. you have a chick. you raise it and when chick grow up, you sell the eggs.. you can keep selling eggs as long as chicken still produce eggs.

Summary of what i had learn today..

To win the game, the direct-Way is the way to go… Draw a Directway A, you get 250, Directway B, you get another 500… draw one card that said A + B, get 5000…….. it is so highly leverage… BTw… DirectWAY… which that “WAY”….. … could be some sort of subliminally message?!

Yes. it is true that the MLM business can be highly leverage. i admitted that MLM is the best place for anyway to build up business skills. however require big effort. (CASHFLOW)

i also learn that the boardgame is biased toward real estate and business asset(CASHFLOW)…

small houses do not seem to be good buy due to poor CASHFLOW.. small houses seem to serve more like CAPITAL GAINS investment than a cashflow investment…. it was a big headache that the next player drew a card “all rental buildings foreclosures due to interest rates hikes” just after i bought a 24Units apartment.. Foreclosures applied to ALL rental properties… all your $ gone… just like that… leaving you with a big debt…. 😦 NOooo… Do not want… Zettai Da-Me!!

I personally think that we all can retire well with 2-3 rental properties that provide good cashflow….. Monopoly taught us one very good lesson in real estate. 4 green houses, 1 red hotel….

However paper assets such as stock become the best starting asset for any players… THIS IS CAPITaL GAINS!!
In reality… we know that our stock price is not in the range $1-$50…. If we applied this point here, it would be buying stocks tuh. or mutual funds.. BICB unit trust??

Final point,  to make the game more applicable to our life… i suggest we developed in-house rules that will make the game less biased and more applicable.


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