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Posted: 28 January 2011 by reanxyz in MoneyTok

Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2 Reaction

marketing through viral videos..

  1. bagbaga too lazy to log in says:

    see the amolang pissed off faces even funnier.

    just got the collector’s edition delivered this morning…. gotta finish dead space first before tackling dead space 2… damn scary to play initially you just fucking panic… but as u get more skill and better weps you start to calm down a bit.

  2. bagbaga says:

    PC. they ran out of ps3 and xbox360 collectors edition so got the pc one. decided to get a 360 here so can xboxlive with the bros back home in future. pix to come

  3. reanxyz says:

    wohh… i think the first batch of the US version give free online multiplayer.
    haha. enjoy the game…

    The game is quickly developing into the cult.. Unitology..

    Dead space timeline: (if you are following the stories) (corrrect me if i made any mistakes)
    0. Deadspace novel PRologue:
    1. Deadspace: Downfall (Movie)
    2. Deadspace: Extraction (wii) <–i watched the walkthrough in youtube…
    3. Deadspace1
    4. Deadspace: Aftermath (Movie)
    5. Deadspace: Ignition
    6. Deadspace 2.

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