Gerson therapy: mini intro

Posted: 21 January 2011 by reanxyz in MediTok

Been reading a bit and watch a few videos on gerson therapy.

So this is what i had learned about this method of cancer treatment::


Eating your way to treat cancer however only vegetables.. and fruit diet excluding pineapple, berries, processed, refined, preserved.. check out the link

also no cooked food as damaged protein is bad for health. (Not that i agree or disagree.. this is still an actively debated topics). Gerson’s only allowed cooked food is vegetable soup and potato. Cooked vegs to provide soft bulk for the proper intestinal functions.

The main philosophy of Gerson therapy is to cut down on any nutrients that can promote cancer growth i.e no fats/oil and damaged protein (So this extreme diet for 2 years).. and they said by 8 weeks, cancer tumors should show signs of shrinkage…

The gerson therapy also explore many of the “essential nutrients” which are not really essential at all i.e large amount of protein can also be received from vegetarian diet without egg, nuts, legumes. and also Vit B12 is not required.

I believe anyone would find the diet hard to be adapted by many  people or cancer patients… Totally changing one’s eating habits..


Note: Just to confess that i write this post, is not because i am in favor of gerson therapy or anything. just sharing what i had learned. I believe it is just one of the many methods that works.

  1. abufarhi says:

    bro.. green hornet looks just like you hehe baru keluar the movie

  2. reanxyz says:

    uhhh… yes. i always have the look of action hero in disguise.

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