Gaharu again!

Posted: 29 December 2010 by reanxyz in Uncategorized

BB 28-12-2010 gaharu saplings and products fest

They was a gaharu festival in tanjong maya… and i never know about that… not marketing properly har… The gaharu company will untung soon. 4-5 years to harvest their gaharu..

Take a look at their extractor..(pictures in PDF) big silver “teko” extractor. ehe. i dont think the extractor efficiency is that good.. this device with this sort of design had been used since long long ago back to the ancient time in the 16th century.. since this “teko” extractor uses biomass fuel / or oil..

The indian design is a bit different. their “teko” has a pipe that submerged under big pool of water for cooling… for the oil vapor to condense…

There are a few in UBD.. which use electricity. not very cost effective.

these gaharu entreprenuer advance so fast… and also have their brewer ready at the sites… today gaharu. tomorrow what else.. so many plants here that contain aromatic compounds.

Go go Abu Farhi. Go invest in Tj Maya


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