Request help: need to know more about herbal drinks in local malay culture

Posted: 27 December 2010 by reanxyz in Uncategorized

Is there any original traditional herbal drinks in the local malay culture? – because i m too curious… it is killing me. google not much hits.. Traditional herbal drink as in like… Tea Halia liddat… which i already know.. any others?

  1. abufarhi says:

    teh misai kuching..
    even teh daun.. i forgot what daun but my mom used to drink when her bp is too high..

  2. reanxyz says:

    ooohh.. any others? can u find out wat daun is that? ehe

  3. Hitamlagam says:

    Daun belimbing puc**g…that’s what my dad drink if bp nya naik..hehe..a different type of belimbing…

  4. reanxyz says:

    belimbing…(i know there is a kampong in subok called kg belimbing)… so the tree common in brunei kah?

  5. reanxyz says:

    there is an indian herbal drink.. basically it contains 6-8 spices that is used in curry. Its for increasing milk production for lactating mother.

    it smells just like twister bbq flavour.

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