Smart $

Posted: 28 November 2010 by reanxyz in MoneyTok

Another boardgame (most likely you heard of it) similar to Rich Dad Cashflow 101


So i m thinking maybe can invest some $$ to buy this game.

Maybe we can meet up once/twice a mth either friday or sunday to boost our financial IQ

So what you guys think?

How many votes?

Just any ideas. We can do rotation. Today in this person house. next week another person house.. blah blah.

It’s a family game. can bring your wife/spouse/Gf/Fiancee/Friends/siblings/grandparents/parents/children/blah :p

  1. bagbaga says:

    looks interesting. its a good way to learn when you’re having fun. but don’t feel pressured to get it dude. Any game would do for us to hang out.

  2. reanxyz says:

    uhh.. not pressured at all..
    just checking if enough players to form an active team within our brotherhood.

  3. bagbaga says:

    yeah a monthly game day would be cool. good excuse to catch up and get together…imagine if we keep it up as a regular habit until we’re old it’ll be so cool!.

  4. Hitamlagam says:

    Where u bought kan? Bah bila?

  5. reanxyz says:

    Goodie.. so bag + Hitam. probably can drag in Schwarze. that will make 4 of us then. aha
    the orangeRoshan ppl are now holding biweekly gathering on sunday to play Smart$ in quilap(the court building). entrance free. if any of you interested, i can call up my friend when will be the next game.

    and i belum bali the gam.. they dont allow online shipment. So to buy them, either go malaysia or singapore…
    it is sold only in two locations in singapore.. in NUS and had i forgotten the other one.
    Got friend going singapore in january so will ask her to help buy

  6. abufarhi says:

    how about ebay or online shops? they dont sell there?

  7. abufarhi says:

    have they tried getting into their program? the orangeroshan ppl?
    btw, profitable plot group closed down in brunei. not sure in brunei saja or the whole company.

    i think ur bro in law is organizing cashflow game at livewire….. heheheh they even have prize for the winners

  8. reanxyz says:

    hehe. really!!! good thing didnt invest in profitable plot… mahal tuh investment.. $15k…

    the smart $ game developed by malaysian. it is not really that popular comparing to richDad101..
    well. soon will be..

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