lion cityy

Posted: 25 November 2010 by abufarhi in Uncategorized

lion cittyyyyy here i coooomeeeeee

my first official visit to the lion cityyy!! last time was only a few hours stop at the spore airport for transit on the way back from umrah hehe

  1. SchwarzeMitternacht says:

    Bila yo? Untuk apa?

  2. abufarhi says:

    esuk pagi ku bertolak yo. kul 9 ah..
    bini ku course, so aku mendangani lah and jadi baby sitter di sana hehe

  3. reanxyz says:

    wohhh!!!!! For how many days? ahaha…
    If you see this msg…
    Help me get Winning Eleven 2011 (PS3 version) :p
    Price? below hundred. ahaha
    Only help if you are free ya.

  4. abufarhi says:

    ahaha bah, remind me again lh bro, my wife punya course only start on monday den finish on wednesday. so we plan to go there early and look around lah in those two days (saturday and sunday.. and maybe if got time thursday morning) coz our flight back is around 12. hehe

  5. bagbaga says:

    so cool. i wished i could go on holiday…

  6. reanxyz says:

    oooh…. ahaa.. mebe next year kami joined schwarze punya annual trip to s’pore

  7. reanxyz says:

    i want to go Jurong Bird Park

  8. Mr Long says:

    ler postpone th ni kn bg ko kad jemputan ku bertunang….gto ku bila balik nanti…

  9. abufarhi says:

    aku balek kamis ane bui. antar ja next weekend lah. ada ku tu

    reanx: where to buy the pes? pc version kah?

  10. reanxyz says:

    i dunno where to buy. aaha…
    i only want PS3 version.. laptop cannot support PES 2011
    When u go shopping if jumpa gameshop then you help buy lah..
    if too troublesome then nvm yah. ehe.. i can buy here when price drop.

  11. abufarhi says:

    since when u got ps3? hehe im still new in this city.. so many ppl here and a lot of cars!

  12. reanxyz says:

    ehehe.. PS3 not mine. my brother punya..
    yes a lot of cars there.. ehehe.. some of my friends there buy cars to raise their status

    • SchwarzeMitternacht says:

      Yep, cars are a status symbol there, seeing that it is the most expensive place to buy cars in the entire world. So, even if you are rocking a Kancil, if you bought it brand new, you’re the man. Hahaha. As an example of how things are there, $5000 dollars here, you can get a decent used car. $5000 dollars there, you can get a decent used 150cc bike…. Depending on car brand, model and engine size, new cars are about 2-3 times more expensive there than here. And they are considerably cheaper now than before apparently….

  13. abufarhi says:

    drivers are mad here! when i got into the taxi from the airport, straightaway feel dizzy. when we reached our hotel baru tah i dont feel dizzy anymore. feel much better walking around the streets than using the taxis

  14. abufarhi says:

    schwarze? do u know any game shop anywhere near scotts road? tried looking at far east.. nada… isetan also couldnt find. maybe ion or orchard ada?

  15. abufarhi says:

    i googled it. haha rupanya ada gameshop d far east ane. i’ll go see that shop later lah… i want to buy game also, looking for the football manager 2011 pc version hehe

  16. reanxyz says:

    you got time to play game now? ahaha

  17. abufarhi says:

    haha yeah, at least the football manager is just a click click game. doesnt use game controller at all. become manager of a football club and let the AI do the rest hehe

  18. abufarhi says:

    ynoe what i realise here.. some sporeans are very well-mannered. i was carrying my baby stroller with lotsa stuff in it, and someone helped me out. it was the hotel staff plg hehe but that aside, my wife n baby was going back to the hotel but it was raining lah. n we forget to buy/bring along umbrella. that time jua i was buying food at McDs. Someone was very nice to share their umbrella lah for my wife and baby. so nice of them. i wonder how it would be like in brunei if like that hehe ada kah urang yang sanggup sharing umbrella jua sama urang lain yang tidak di kenali………

  19. abufarhi says:

    reanz, i managed to get your PES 2011. but the title is winning eleven 2011. so i asked the shopkeeper lah, whats the difference. he sed asia get winning eleven, europe and us get pes. he sed something about version 1 and 3.. but i forgot hehe

  20. reanxyz says:

    haha.. yes.. the both works.. and good that you get WE2011.. that is the version i actually wanted :p
    Online play should be faster.. and can go kick some asians’ asses online :p
    btw how much get bought it for?

  21. reanxyz says:

    Lot of THANKS!!!!!

  22. abufarhi says:

    only $68 dude.

    no problem hehe

  23. reanxyz says:

    $95 here vs $68 there… big margin.. aha

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