Solve Msn Live messenger XP/Vista/Win7 startup crash

Posted: 15 November 2010 by reanxyz in GeekTok

Msn messenger giving me big headache yesterday…

The current versions are not very stable.. Search the net and found out that not only people having problems with unstable live messenger with Xp… also very common in Vista and Win7..

History of failure in fixing the indicated problem:

  • Full uninstall, reinstall, repair
  • ccleaner clean, remove unwanted registry using auslogics
  • run Zapmessenger
  • removes MSN files from multiple folder such as application data in users, and application data in local settings as well as the contacts details folders…
  • signed in with another account
  • remove msn live plus
  • reinstall older, newest version of msn live…..
  • remove all plugins of msn live messenger…
  • remove history files…
  • Update window
  • Update from IE6 to IE7
  • Update from IE7 to IE8

doestnt solve the problem till i found the comment by this dude “Diego” Link

Remove the following entry from the registry:


Wooots!!!! FIX… No more crashes… hurray…

screw messenger….


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