King of Fighters

Posted: 14 November 2010 by abufarhi in Uncategorized

i was browsing thru softarchive dot net. and i found a movie ‘king of fighters’.

it reminded me of terry bogard, mai shiranui and co.

but then after watching the trailer.. it’s crap! the main actor is the one from ‘never back down’

  1. reanxyz says:

    i seen up to 40min and i gave up on the movie.
    The fighting moves are very slow.. can nampak too obvious…
    but if you wan to lenglui.. ehehe.. got a few there lah. there are a few hongkong TVB actresses… ahaha
    btw… they select orang puteh to act as Kyo..

    You try watch Tekken. My friends said much better than king of figher

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