Posted: 07 November 2010 by reanxyz in Uncategorized

Einstein brain keep cut and preserved.. kesian.. price of been a genius.

check the last part abt sleep paralysis. Dont know true or not…

Over here people tend to say it is dipihit jinn.. aha


15 Things You Didn't Know About the Brain


  1. Mr Long says:

    So the #13 is where it is told that women are better multitasking than guys? anyone care to define da multitasking?

  2. abufarhi says:

    example… women can talk and eat and check their fone all at the same time haha

  3. Mr Long says:

    Wooo… how do they do dat? canggih woo

  4. reanxyz says:

    diffuse focus kali… example their ears can hear many things at once.
    Taking to people, listening to people, listening to radio while eavesdropping others all at the same time
    and for us, we concentrate on one thing..
    i would not say all male are like that..
    as a general trend, i do meet a lot of dudes who can only focus at one thing at a time.
    Bagbaga our psychiatrist can tell us more 😀

  5. abufarhi says:

    like me… when i drive.. i seldom talk.. if i do talk, i only say a few words.. but if i do talk more when driving, i would slow my car down coz it somehow distracts my attention on the road

  6. reanxyz says:

    when i drive i listen to audiobooks.. hehe.. i was concentrating on the audiobook..
    somehow my driving automatic… sometime terkejut jua pergi ubd… “wohh.. sampai sudah. didnt realize”

  7. Mr Long says:

    Lucky u reached ubd, if u reached somewhere else then how? hehe

  8. abufarhi says:

    go to miri? hehehehehe

  9. reanxyz says:

    hehee… reach your house? then we go makan lunch. orang kaya long belanja

  10. abufarhi says:

    then we eat roti kaya and become kaya like orang kaya long haha

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