jom jom

Posted: 01 November 2010 by reanxyz in GeekTok

wooots… i just found out about this. check this out

Jomsocial created using Joomla!

create your own social networking website.. ahaha…

anyone knows how to use this thingy?

  1. abufarhi says:

    ooooo joomla…. i have never used it.. but ive seen my frens using it lah.. its very straightforward.. they even have an interface for us to set the settings and all.. very easy n simple to make ur own website lah

  2. reanxyz says:

    need any web host to host the website?
    not really a programming person. ehehe… seem difficult to me

  3. abufarhi says:

    dunno man.. from what i can see from the website, they support certain web domains, but with the unlimited account, can support any web domains.. but dont know if they provide also..

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