Accelerate learning

Posted: 29 October 2010 by reanxyz in SajaTokTok

i m listening to “Accelerated Learning” by Brian Tracy and Colin Rose.

one of the hundred methods of Brian Tracy ‘s fast learning methods.

Self-disciplined yourself to read one poem, one speech and 10 pages of any book you are reading.. Take 30 min to think about what you have learnt everyday, and discussed with the person closest to you. Be him/her your spouse family or friends

Then one month, you will have read 29-31 poems, speech and 290-310 pages of books.

The most important step is the thinking and discussion part.


Dunno why he mentioned poem or speech…

well.. be flexible.. you can substitute with anything you want.

hehe… like Schwarze M. a few dosages of online manga


  1. hitamlagam says:

    Reanxyz…the categorical tab (geektok, politok etc.) only available in this theme kah? Other theme adakah inda? That was random but yeah…huhu

  2. reanxyz says:

    i tested it a few times.. seem like it works this way
    1. Last time experiment: need to tag more than 5 posts for the category to appear as tab on the “top bar:..
    2. When all the space at the “top bar” used up… then the least popular category will be replaced by the current leading category that has more posts.

  3. hitamlagam says:

    I was planning kan tukar theme yang more vibrant haha…tapi takut inda dapat banyak tabs yang ada in this current theme…hehehe

  4. reanxyz says:

    ahaha.. oops.. i guess i misunderstood what you write the previous entry…
    the one with tab on top, i think got another one..
    you try tukar lah.

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