Smart people do things differently

Posted: 10 October 2010 by reanxyz in MoneyTok



One of the greatest examples is Warren Buffet. He doesn’t hold a lot of investments. If you look at his portfolio, he averages about eight to 12 major investments a year, and he holds them for the long term. When he gets out his stock, the whole world holds their breath and follows him. Sometimes, he’ll even hold the same stock for 12 years. In 1994 his Berkshire-Hathaway stock was worth something like USD$17,000 a share, and now it is worth about USD$123,000 a share. He holds his stock because of the dividends, and he watches the company grow, and he is one person I suggest people read about. The man drives a 20-year-old car and lives in the same house he’s lived in for the past 20 over years. He lives a “normal” life, by that I mean that he doesn’t do anything excessive, and he’s shrewd, but he invests, and he’s worth billions of dollars. People like that show you that you dont have to spend and you don’t have to be extravagant, and if you are wise and careful with how you spend your money, you’ll see the returns in the long run.

  1. reanxyz says:

    i m getting back to study on the financial education stuff… after wedding i somehow had shifted all my focus to family… aha.. now i need to split my energy to both..

  2. hitamlagam says:

    In other words, invest and save…spend wisely…one of my uncle has his style…he would spend money on things that could give him returns…and jarang kan belanja labih-labih on things yang nada faedah baginya…hehehe…

  3. abufarhi says:

    my aim is to ensure my children are secured financially lah in the future and i wouldnt want to burden them with my debts when im gone. and of course i will teach them to live a simple and normal life, i would try to avoid raising them with luxuries.. insya Allah

  4. reanxyz says:


    oh yah… it is good not to give your kid everything.. nanti jadi spoilt.

  5. abufarhi says:

    no lah. not give them everything. just make sure they have their own savings for their future. manatau study overseas, just use the savings lah. no need for me to sponsor them pocket money lagi haha
    its kinda like an emergency fund hehe

  6. reanxyz says:

    hehe.. savings ada 3 type tu… one for investment. one to set up emergency fund. and one for… savings!

  7. abufarhi says:

    hmm.. so i plan to set up all 3 savings lah haha
    saving for each of my children. emergency fund for my family as a whole
    and investments for both family and each children hoho

    when are u planning to go bicb reanx?

  8. reanxyz says:

    current analysis.. it is going sideway.. now not the time buy it… (my opinion lah) aha..
    i read the NCB portfolio kan.. they label this investment as “high risk”
    hehe…when slump, the funds really going downhill fast..
    when rise, the funds climb slowly.

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