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Posted: 03 October 2010 by reanxyz in CarTok, GeekTok

I am just bored… and check out on the random weird links and was linked from blogs to blogs…

so i might as well compile what i had seen today.. =)

Advanced parking lot

Unbelievable Pictures You May Have Never Seen Before 19

Flying car captured by from Google maps

Best of Google Maps (50 pics)

Monster Bike (Link)

monster motorbike

monster motorbike

ASton martin DBR9 (link)

Party CAr 2008 Ford F 250 Harley Davidson (LinK)

Gold plated engine (linK)

Gold-plated Porsche

Gold-Coated Aquarion Tranforming Figure

Steampunk Harley Davidson Motorcycle

strange Covered Wagons,car art,gold porshe

strange Covered Wagons,car art,gold porshe

  1. SchwarzeMitternacht says:

    The ‘advanced parking lot’ is not a parking lot at all. It is a storage area for Volkswagen cars in Wolfsburg, Germany. IIRC, that is.

  2. hitamlagam says:

    Well, hopefully we have a centralised parking system for jabatan-jabatan kerajaan…hehehe…then kana antar ambil pakai LRT…hehe

  3. reanxyz says:

    hehee.. so i should put advanced car storage lot :p

  4. reanxyz says:

    the mall gadong sana also need a better parking system
    seem like parking business can earn big buck as well

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