Optimism and Pessimism

Posted: 20 September 2010 by reanxyz in ChatTok, EmoTok

Optimism as classroom value

Been a tutor, I m teaching my students and i m always try to give the students some positive energy,
telling them that we are all “learning-genius”… except that we have to find the methods that suit us and discard
the conventional method of “average and ineffective-learning” that is still taught in school.

So in a  way, i m instilling optimism as a classroom value.

Pessimism in the leadership.. a very bad thing

In my current workplace, although i personally do think the facility is bad…(which is why i choose to do a project that will not require any of their hardcore machines). one thing  i did not know is that many of the lecturers actually think the same way as i do (since they are those who set up the facility, yet they think its bad).. and i have a feeling that they have given up hope on the improvement of the department.. the lecturers have recently read my proposals and my C.V.. and many had raised eyebrow and asked me, “you graduated in australia., why would you choose here now… why dont you go back there to continue your master..”

as the lecturers who are supposingly “the leaders”.. are pessimist about the department…

the constant visit by different person telling me better to go back Australia, to me,seem like a major discouragement.. and i am just going to ignore them and do my best..

a very bad thing…

and sad too

(and one of them… had asked me to just go and find a proper job >…< )


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