Posted: 09 September 2010 by SchwarzeMitternacht in Car Life, CarTok, Zweihänder

Sometimes it happens when you wake up early in the morning. Sometimes, it’s when you are bored out of your mind and have nothing to do. Sometimes it happens when you are already doing it, and have time to kill. But when it does happen, it’s like an itch you need to scratch, something you feel that needs to be done, for no reason other than a sense of gratification, of satisfaction. When it happens, you will ‘drive’.

You will find yourself in your car. You will be on the road. You are not going from point A to point B. If anything, you will be going from point A to point A, driving back to where you started, without stopping in between.

And so you will drive….

… from one highway…

… to another highway…

… to another highway.

Of course, there is more to driving than just cruising at high speeds on smooth, relatively straight roads. You will crave to communicate more with the machine under your control. You will seek smaller roads so you can understand it even further. How it reacts, how it handles, how smooth the ride is, or how hard and ragged it can be.

So you turn off the highway, seeking back roads, wanting to understand your machine further. You smile, looking at the glowing green of the traffic lights, knowing how rare it is that you don’t have to wait for the dreaded red light to disappear from your view.

Then, you notice something in your peripheral vision. It glows alarmingly. And it originates from your car’s dashboard. “What’s going on?” you think to yourself. And so you look down…

It’s the fuel warning light. On one hand you are relieved that it’s not something more serious. On the other hand, it annoys you that your drive is going to be interrupted, as you have to join the masses…

queuing for fuel. Just when the sense of dread in you threatens to spill over, transforming into something as innocent as a harmless ‘sigh’, or perhaps into swear words best not to be thought about, you see something that makes your day.

“Ah,” you think. “They sure don’t make them like they used to,”. Quietly, you thank this person who is in front of you, for at least making the waiting more bearable.

Then it’s finally your turn to buy the petrol your car thirsts for….

… so you open the door, tell the nice person just how much fuel you’re gonna buy, and take that time to stretch and loosen up a little.

After filling up your fuel tank and heading off, you look at your fuel gauge…

Not quite full, but it’ll do.

So now you are finally driving on back roads. At this hour, the traffic changes constantly. It can be full of people slowing you down at one moment, then suddenly empty the next. Of course, you stop yourself from getting all worked up. You are driving past schools and houses. No point in being an idiot and drive at maximum attack mode. You don’t want to be a danger to all these people, or at least, a nuisance. That does not mean you can’t enjoy the drive. You will find a pace that is fast enough that allows you to enjoy the act of driving your car, yet slow enough that it allows you to see the surroundings, take in sights which you would not have noticed if you were driving faster.

Then you notice the clouds have opened up. Not exactly unexpected, as the dark clouds were looking pretty ominous to begin with.

You look at your watch. It’s mid-afternoon. “Let’s take a short break,”.

You step outside. You look at your car. And you think “Man, I got a nice car,”. And you realise, by stopping, by walking around your car, the ‘drive’ is actually over. This is because for the first time after you started driving earlier. you actually stopped, turned off the engine and stepped outside. But the itch is still there. So you open your door. You step back in. “Time for another drive,”.


  1. reanxyz says:

    how long did you spend on the road? ahaha…
    where is the place you park your car for a short break?
    look very familiar

  2. Dumbfoundead says:

    WOwww..dudee.nice post u got there.with all those pics.hehehe.well written dude.hehe. I felt like reading a an article from some magazine.hahaha. Hmm..leme try to answer Reanxyz’s question on the whereabout of that place. I think its in Subok’s mosquekh tu dude?

  3. reanxyz says:

    hehe.. i tukarkan my name in the comments to “Reanx” =p dont you dont mind.

    although i dunt think i ever been to the masjid in Subok..
    however stilll look familiar… or mebe the subok masjid here have the same design with other masjid=)

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