Zweihänder: Routine Maintenance – Tyre Balancing & Rotation

Posted: 08 September 2010 by SchwarzeMitternacht in Car Life, CarTok, Zweihänder

In preparation for Hari Raya Aidilfitri (which is Malay for Celebration Day Eid-al-fitr, and even saying that is sorta redundant, if you understand what Eid-al-fitr means), I decided to balance and rotate the tyres of Zweihänder.

In this car’s case, the rear tyres do show higher wear-rates than the fronts, which I guess is the norm for rear wheel drive cars, or perhaps because of the the way I drive this particular RWD car. The work was done at TyreMart Lambak.

(Shout out to ‘z’ who wants to see more pics of Zweihänder. Not too sure if you want to see these types of pics though)

Zweihander on jack stands

Here we see  Zweihänder on jacks

BMW on jack stands, alternate angle

Here we see it from another (I think better) angle.

While the car was up on the jack stands, I took the chance to check out the condition of the brakes on the car.

BMW Brakes Front

This is a picture of the front right brake. These discs and pads were changed earlier this year. We can see that both the pads and the disc are still thick, and have even wear. The front left brake is in similar condition.

BMW rear brakes

The rears however…… You can see how relatively thin the rear discs and pads are. Heh, more things to change and replace. Note the car has an integral drum brake inside the bell of the rear disc assembly.

The whole balancing and rotating process cost me BND$20 (roughly USD$14). On a side note, the tyres on the car are Falken Ziex Ze-912s, in 225/55 VR16 for fronts and rears. These tyres actually have too low a speed rating, since the car is capable of an elctronically-limited 250km/h, so should actually use Z-rated tyres. (FYI V-rated tyres are deemed safe for a sustained speed of 240km/h, or 150mph in imperial terms . Not that I go that fast *cough*). Although the tyres themselves are assymetrical and non-directional, the rims themselves ARE directional. So I can’t actually ‘cross’ the tyres when rotating the fronts and rears. So the front right swaps places with the rear right, the front left swaps places with the rear left. Unless of course I want my rims to point backwards…

Hopefully I can get Inane’s tyres balanced and rotated tomorrow (or should I actually say later?), and have a report on how it went posted soon after. Now though, It’s 2am local time, and I need some shut eye.



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