Zweihänder: Routine Maintenance – Servicing

Posted: 08 September 2010 by SchwarzeMitternacht in Car Life, CarTok, Inane

A picture says a thousand words. So here goes:

BMW Service Bill

Ouch. Just Ouch…

I mean…… ouch.

Due to the fact that the car was due for an inspection at the Land Transport Department (Brunei’s equivalent of getting an MOT certificate in the UK), I decided to put the car in for a service before the inspection.

You can glean a lot of info from the pic above, but in this case, both my father and I decided to use Mobil 1 instead of Shell Helix Ultra. Not that there was a problem when using Helix Ultra, just that we were curious to see what difference using Mobil 1 would have. From what I can feel, the engine does seem to rev smoother all the way to the redline, but then, this may as well be due to the fact that the engine oil is new a

From seeing the receipt above, you can see that we basically decided to change all the fluids and gaskets for the engine and transmission. Since prevention is undeniably better than cure, we hope that this is BND$670 (that’s around USD$500) well spent, because I, for one, shudder to think how much a ruined BMW powertrain will cost. Note that all this work was done at my father’s preferred mechanic’s workshop. It would be much, much more expensive to have the work done at the main dealer.

Long story short, the car passed inspection, and is deemed roadworthy for another year.  As such, I’m gonna use Zweihänder as much as I can, driving just for the hell of it, to get my money’s worth.


  1. reanxyz says:

    expensive… at least with B$83 discount. aha

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