Growing Organs~!

Posted: 28 August 2010 by reanxyz in DevelopTok, MediTok, ScienceTok, Uncategorized

STory of growing organ

Now it is possible to clone any part by just using  organ from a dead person, stripped off all the cells with acid and other reagents , leaving only the cartilage protein (it looks just like the outline of the organ). This cartilage is then soaked in solution full of nutrients, hormones, growth agent and also the stem cells belonging to the person who need the organ transplant. Over time, the stem cells will utilize the cartilage and form a complete working organ..

In the video link below, the reported using a biodegradable scaffold to build the organ.

Growing miracle part 1

Growing miracle part 2


Lab grown meat – Accept or Reject?

Some old news here.. I believe these researchers were inspired by similar  projects mentioned above

These people are taking biopsy (tissue sample) either from a living animal or a dead animal. and they are growing MEAT from these tiny tissue samples!!!!!! They called this in-vitro meat (FULL STORY)… not sure if it is a damn good idea or a something that will usually perceived as bad…

They need no antibiotics, no pesticides. in a way the meat should void of most harmful stuff the animal accumulate if breed in the farm.. and one chunk of meat can be grown overnight…and in the article(FULL STORY) mentioned that the beef already ready for making beef patty to be sold in market (2005)… first thought come to my head… is McD doing this….z

with these speedy process of growing meat…a new possibility to  end the hunger across the world?

  1. abufarhi says:

    first thing that came into my mind…
    resident evil.. haha cell regeneration… it won’t be long til they can control the dead also..

  2. reanxyz says:

    ahaa.. amazing right… they use powder make from pig bladder to trigger cell regeneration and help the old man grow his fingers… so cool..

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