Agritech park

Posted: 11 August 2010 by reanxyz in DevelopTok, Home Affairs, MoneyTok, Uncategorized


Keep your eyes on this news

7 sites proposed for agri-tech parks

The seven proposed locations are Batang Mitus, Kelugos, Lamunin, Ukong-Rambai, Bukit Guayan, Bukit Bangligi and Benutan-Kerunching, said Director of Integrated Environmental Consultants (IEC) Sdn Bhd Warwick Newall.

These places when developed into agritech parks, a lot of downstream investment tuh.. People would want houses, shops houses blah~

  1. hitamlagam says:

    The benutan area is a remote area of Tutong, no phone signal whatsoever, hehe…ada road development project disana, tapi terbengkalai…

  2. abufarhi says:

    at my kampong in tanjong maya also have this big piece of land they use for padi farming.. but i don’t see any proper water supply or electric cables to the field

  3. reanxyz says:

    Yeah. i heard about the benutan… It is a great place. ehehe. Anyone know when the govt going to launch WiMax? last time they mention they have it already and gonna be the first in Asia to do it… now msia overtook us… as long as we have WiMAx that cover 40km radius, we can mind-control the monkeys to plant padi for us :p

    tanjong maya going to become the coconut village. i notice that they also give land to the resident there to plant small scale padi… and also in the news got mention the rice from Tanjong Maya not for commercial purposes.

  4. reanxyz says:

    Btw Batang Mitus is too hilly and is border to sarawak… Go DST broadband and OMMI do not work there..
    The power source over there not stable.. I seen some families there with mini power generators in the house.
    and their light sometime flickered.. kinda creepy

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