Starcraft 2 released today 27-07-2010

Posted: 27 July 2010 by reanxyz in GeekTok, Uncategorized

After such long period of time since Blizzard announced the possibility of launching starcraft II…

Finally another years and yearsssssssssssss of waiting!!!

Yes Today isshh the day…

Let’s see how many super hardcore fans wait in front of the gamestore to make sure they get their copy..


This was roughly 5 hours ago (from now: 2.35pm) in UK

Hey this is in Uk….  we dont see much of this occuring in Brunei… except during payday..

Did anyone wait outside the mall yesterday? to get into ETA this morning?

Security guards in front of the shop

From Gamespot video hint on how to win in STarcraft… The dude said “Get a Korean”.  (the dude next to him said “hey i m Filipino”)


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