Detox – a myth?

Posted: 18 July 2010 by reanxyz in ScienceTok, Uncategorized

I was checking on the popular kinohimitsu product in guardian which cost so much… detox drink 6 bottles once a day consecutively for 6 days cost $44… checking the ingredients: prune juice, cranberries juice…  and their ginger detox tea cost $15 for 12 teabags.

I m googling on tea that are good for detox. Somehow i cant find much.. many of them are talking about using ginger and burdock root..which are chinese traditional medicinal drink.

As i read on, other source mention of  7 organs that can clean up body:These organs are the skin, colon, liver, kidneys, blood, lungs, and immune system. Detox drink will aid one of more organs to hasten the cleanup

Also another doctor said:

To quote Dr. Paul Illing, Chartered Scientist, Registered Toxicologist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry:

“Detox diets and products may not do harm, except, perhaps, to your wallet, but neither do they do you much good. Your natural bodily functions are effective at clearing out harmful substances and there is little you can do to enhance these. Patience and a proper diet are more valuable than detox products and supplements.”

2 different opinions… which one is true? hehe..


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