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Posted: 21 June 2010 by reanxyz in post
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BB 15-06-2010 Brunei has nuclear possibility By Narissa Noor

Nuclear energy in Brunei is possible and can be done at a low cost, according to a Research Director at the Canadian Energy Research Institute.

“Nuclear in Brunei is a possibility. It could be done at a relatively low cost with a small reactor,” said David McColl who was in Brunei yesterday to speak at the energy conference hosted by the Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies.

During a session on alternative energy strategy, McColl suggested that Brunei may want to reach out to companies like Toshiba or Mitsubishi and to be the “first out of the gate” with a small reactor designed at a low capital cost. This, however, was met with apprehension by some panellists and participants not keen on Brunei turning into a “test subject” for low cost small reactors.

It is nice to think that we can get a power plant like that here…
If energy is no longer a problem, i can imagine that so much development that can take place..
foreign direct investments… i.e the aluminium smelter? google?
a lot of hitech devices can enter market

However if it is a feasible idea… then…
what will happen to the deal on the import of electricity from msia again?
and all the solar cell development and solar power plant tenaga suria in seria


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