tadi pagi aku termimpi c swarczhe.. he g…

Posted: 11 June 2010 by abufarhi in ChatTok

tadi pagi aku termimpi c swarczhe.. he got long hair ala-ala carlos santana but shorter.. and he was buying a drink at a supermarket hahaha very weird dream

  1. reanxyz says:

    wohh… i guess you miss him too much. aha.. let go solat jumaat together

    • abufarhi says:

      haha when is he coming back? maybe next friday i will take leave coz i’ll be bringing my son to jpmc for appointment and plan to go sumwer i duno where in the afternoon lah, maybe go setia-motors again lah.. u free?

      • reanxyz says:

        ia back on the 17th kali.. on the 18th jumaat. hehe.. so u recruit babysitter sudah?

      • abufarhi says:

        i meant next friday on the 25th hehe this week i’ll be working.. babysitter no lah.. we prefer to take care our baby sendiri.. the maid is just helping out to prepare the bath or wash the clothes.. and when we’re wrking, just let our parents do the babysitting lah hehe for me, cant always depend on the maid when it comes to taking care of baby

      • reanxyz says:

        I see. that will be my plan too :p thank for sharing

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