yo mohamednazmi, any news on the hyundai…

Posted: 08 June 2010 by abufarhi in ChatTok

yo mohamednazmi,

any news on the hyundai H1? I got an offer from someone pulang jua ne. the H1 is already 1 and half years old. the owner wants payment $5K upfront and sambung bank $680/month. kawan mu cemana?

  1. reanxyz says:

    wohh.. 680/mth… mahal jua..

    • abufarhi says:

      yeah dude.. i calculated already.. duno if my formula lurus or not lah eheh
      just mutiplied 680 * (84months i.e 7years – 18months i.e amount paid already)
      and then considering a car depreciates 25% in value and after 1 year, the price should go down a bit.. but this guy mau 5k lagi tu… hoho he shud be paying me instead! haha

      im guessing this guy only paid the minimum amount for the deposit and ended up paying a lot for the bank loan interest..

      hmm..decisions….. im better off buying a new H1 lah i reckon…

  2. reanxyz says:

    so 18 mths off… meaning that this dude is selling the car to you at $49880 ($44880 + $5000)…
    haha.. and the total to be paid is 7 x 12 mth x 680/mth = $57120
    Mahal tuh for a car used for 3 years….
    mean that if u get the car from him, it is like he only paid $7000 to drive a car for 3 years…

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