DEvelopment-tok 2: BMC

Posted: 28 May 2010 by reanxyz in post

It is quite impressive to me, how the BMC is finished building within 1 year and start production within 6 months..

the plant cost around B$600millions
BMC is estimating the total amount of methanol exports at 850,000 metric tonnes a year with the capacity to provide 2,500 metric tonnes per day and market price is around US$260 ($364) per tonne
so doing a simple calculation

850 000 x B$364 = B$ 309.4 million WOOooOoooaaaAAaaahhhh….

However i am not sure how much is the operating cost.. and it is very possible that they can break even and earn huge amount on the third year…

i always know methanol been a very useful solvents.
when working in research i explore even large usage of methanol..
1.5 liter of pure methanol that are used in research cost roughly B$200…
and bottle of methanol usually last for 2 weeks…

———————short interesting add-on————————————–
Although there are three methanol plants in the region, he said he believes that they are not competition as they have “their own buyers and market”.

There is one plant in Myanmar and another in East Malaysia, the Labuan Methanol Plant, which doubles Brunei’s capacity at 5,000 metric tonnes per day.
ooooo…. our country is the third to own methanol plant

  1. reanxyz says:

    The first shipment is 10k tonnes
    B$ 365 000…. woahh….

    • reanxyz says:

      sorry guys.. i like to sakai :p

      • abufarhi says:

        i met a guy from BMC few months back.. he say theyre even planning to build another methanol plant lagi arah their area atu, even before they even started production haha

        what I know from him, when they started building the plant last time, there was another plant built somewhere in south america. but BMC end up finishing eariler than them and even have better technology.

      • reanxyz says:

        wohhh… i know they mention in news they were thinking whether to build a 2nd methanol plant or a formaldehyde or an acetic acid plant… so they had made thier decision already?! haha.. good lah for our country

      • abufarhi says:

        hehe yea, they planned on a 2nd methanol plant before they started production, the area is quite big man.. they even planned on creating a golf course, recreation area for the ppl at sg liang. they want to make it like the bsp seria community centre.

      • reanxyz says:

        woah…. golf course…. where they plan to build the golf course?
        i hope it is not next to spark. ehehe

    • bagbaga says:

      Ok cool.. we got the 3rd methanol plant in NBD and Its earning profits. Awesome that we’re diversifying albeit still using gas/

      but I’m just thinking of the possible bad effects? What are the contingency plans if it explodes? any at the moment? what to do with toxic gas cloud? Where is waste drained of to? water works protected? staff wearing sufficient protection?
      sure methanol wont explode as much as munitions but the danger is still there.

      • abufarhi says:

        hmm..buleh jadi HSE safety advisor ko ne bagbaga.. for BMC, the HSE is still at their puberty level pulang, compared to BSP.. mature sudah.. they only follow the basic standard for protection and safety. BMC pun inda jua dapat follow all BSP punya safety policy because theyre two different company, one is oil and gas,the other is methanol production. Some of the safety standards used in BSP is definitely not compatible with BMC punya activities.

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