Another oil spill… except this is nearer to us

Posted: 27 May 2010 by reanxyz in post

Yo.. another oil spill.. this one is not as severe but still very bad..

Collision causes oil spill off Singapore

A pollution control tug boat is seen next to the damaged MT Bunga Kelana 3 after a collision with a bulk carrier in the waters between M’sia and Singapore. Picture: Reuters
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AN OIL tanker and a bulk carrier collided in waters between Malaysia and Singapore yesterday morning, spilling an estimated 2,500 tonnes of oil, but traffic in Asia’s busiest shipping lane was not affected.

The Malaysian flagged MT Bunga Kelana 3 was carrying about 62,000 tonnes of light crude oil, the country’s coast guard said.

  1. abufarhi says:

    those two countries are going to kelaie with each other hehe

    • reanxyz says:

      Yesterday i was talking to a respected lecturer from UBD geography department, He said that the oil spill ( as long as in the sea) it will be beneficial to the reef.. he gave me example like the the oil rig when they no longer need it they just pull it down to the ocean.. although the rig contain high amount of hydrocarbon here and there… it is like nutrient to the reef

      • abufarhi says:

        wah.. ya kah… hhmm..but if overdose then maybe harmful lah.. for oil rigs that they no longer use.. they plug it back bah. and let it refill for the next 50-100 years or so

      • reanxyz says:

        Coz the lecturer said as long as it is in the salty seawater then it is ok… as long as it is not washed to the beach

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