Procedures to handle mass hysteria

Posted: 25 May 2010 by reanxyz in post

Last time Bagbaga was asking about how the mass hysteria situation was handled..
this is taken from “BB 18-05-2010 Concern over mass hysteria” By Azlan Othman
“The procedures are implemented based on past experiences, when STPRI girls high school was affected by mass hysteria four years ago.

“This includes segregating the students from his/her peers, to call their parents to bring their children home, or to call the ambulance to put the possessed to ‘sleep’ and to call religious experts like Darusysifa’ and Tahfiz Institute to get rid of the spirits.
i wonder if they record it down… ya know for research purposes…

it may be due to psychological trauma however if the “infected ones” had a weird voice change…
it may be spiritual stuff beyond science…
since we know very too little about “ilmu alam”…

  1. bagbaga says:

    Fear is contagious. Closing down a school would be a good option. separate the unaffected to minimize spread. get treatment for the affected…

    I am pro medical treatment. bring em to ED give one shot of haloperidol to calm them down then psych referral to discuss the issues. Traditional healing/Prayers can be incorporated to treat these issues mutually and collaboratively but should not be done exclusively at the cost of conventional medicine.

    It just pisses me off that families are just turning a blind eye on the psychological reasoning for their kids behaviour. They’re just blaming it 100% on supernatural things .Obviously there is something going on in the kids life hence causing this hysteria. If it is left unresolved, the kid is of risk to get another episode next time.

    Somebody with asthma coming in with shortness of breath to ED are given nebs/oxygen etc. then they see the GP/resp doc/ED doc and are given inhalers to prevent future episodes. they need to take it otherwise it will happen again.

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