Mangrove forest illegally cleared? so what to do next?

Posted: 21 May 2010 by reanxyz in post

It is on the news borneo bullet today that one of our pristine mangrove forests in Bengkurong had been cleared without approval.
(check out the news before BB removed them on the next friday)

It is sad to see natural resources with big potential to develop into something really big i.e resort… had been destroy… The first mangrove resort seem to be doing quite well… a second or 3rd or 4th can be built simutaneously to make it some sort of trademark for the KNK project..

The culprit for destroying the forest had not been found yet…
Some brainstorming:::: could this be a planned attack on Brunei tourism? or someone found a good use for the mangrove tree and clear it for good? or merely just an accident?

Well. why cry over spilled milk.. since it had been cleared..
Either recovery programm can be carried out to show the world that we can restore damaged forest with the shortest time possible (how to do that? well… ask an expert. ahaha)


developed the area into something……. something great.. (like what?… well.. same answer.. ask an expert :p)

This reminded me one of the self-developing gurus (i cant remember who) mentioned in his seminar:
When strong wind become a problem in a country, there are usually two different things done by two very different group of people.
First group will build a wall to block the wind… and
The second group will build a windmill


Mangrove forests covering the size of two to three football fields have been cleared along the riverbank of Bengkurong village reportedly by a private sector company for a drainage project.
The Forestry Department said it has no idea who is behind the project and has launched an investigation.

The country, meanwhile, has lost one of its popular tourist spots to catch a glimpse of the proboscis monkeys in their natural habitat following the recent tree-clearing activity to make way for the drainage project.

The pristine mangrove forests along the riverbank is a well-known habitat of the shy proboscis monkeys. Local travel agents bring foreign tourists to see the elusive monkeys in their wild habitat. The site is now a barren riverbank as mangrove forests covering approximately two hectares have been cleared.

Sheikh Jamaluddin bin Sheikh Mohamed, CEO of Brunei Tourism, when contacted said, “I was shocked when informed by a tour operator that one of the nation’s pride has been destroyed and cleared without approval from the authorities concerned.

  1. abufarhi says:

    you know anything about the bizness tok at ICC later tonite, its about spore and beyond kah apa.. im not really sure coz it was my fren who told me about that talk later

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