Posted: 21 May 2010 by reanxyz in post

Just a few car-related stories to share

Yesterday i was refilling the liquid for cleaning the car-wiper, i found a cigarette butt trapped just below the wiper… was kinda shocked… although no burnt mark… freaky that was dangerous… Hehe… Protection from Allah… i wonder which evil fellow hate to see my car…


Just now went to Giant… there was a dude who was looking for parking and then saw one car behind him reversing…. and so he reversed in a way forcing me to reverse as well..

i was like “what the heck” so many parking spaces and he want that one….
and so i reversed and a woman who happened to walk in front of my car make a funny shrieked “OOOOOuuuuuuu” and pointed behind me…
i looked behind… “nobody”….
freaky my first thought is that when i reversed, i runover someone… which mean someone was now under my car… then quickly i reliase i hit ntg…
2nd thought take over “she saw a ghost?”

nah… just her daughter at the blind spot of my car…
and she was so far away from my car… >..<

  1. abufarhi says:

    hehe dude.. if you go commuting frombandar to seria and back again.. lagi banyak those road bullies ah.. ive seen cars overtake on the narrow lane along telisai like a jumping frog.. overtake one car after another.. dangeroous man!

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