Bagbaga Adventures – My humble Shirt collection

Posted: 20 May 2010 by bagbaga in post
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Bagbaga's shirts

Bundle wrapping FTW!

Space saving!

Packing my humble shirt collection.

That is all of my clothes for the year to come. Bundle wrapped – the way to go for, Wrinkle free, space saving packing – and placed into my suitcase.

This year I am living-of a suitcase. Literally. That means I need to minimize my weight & volume load. I’ve always been a fan of light travel but when I discovered minimalism, woah felt like I could do more. At the moment, Casual/home-wear wise I am at the bare minimum. Pairs of shirts and pants to be used every other day plus undies – easily transported with a backpack.

Bundle wrapping – been doing it for years. keeps the clothes together and prevents em from moving about. it will not obliterate wrinkles but it will minimize it. looks nice and neat as well. The box contains all the random items, fully packed to minimize movement. For me, dead space is wasted space.

Most of my load is work related books, equipment and clothes. I cant wear the same clothes to work too often – germs, style etc. So I’ve developed a 3 cycle routine based around my pants. I have three pants – a light khaki, a grey and a black. Wear the same one for a week and rotate my 14 shirts to match the pants ie light pants light shirts, dark pants dark shirts.

That means I wear the same shirt ~ every 2 weeks, twice a month, 24 times a year. I replace ~ 3-4 shirts per year which means I wear a shirt for ~ 2-3 years before it wears out. All shirts are hand washed and shade dried to minimise seasoned look. Why do i want to use it as along as possible? Its damn hard to get a shirt I can fit into in Brunei, let alone overseas. I’ll lament on it in a different post.

Another issue is tie matching. My shirts are based around 4 colours – blue, brown, darks, lights. All I need is one or two ties to contrast each group. Mixing and matching a combination of these items, gives me a wide variety of look. Mind you, I dislike wearing em and only do so if needed.

Anyways, That’s my random rant for this morning. More to come as they come along.

  1. mohamednazmi says:

    Good first post. I’ve got a measly collection of four shirts which I’ve exhausted in my first week in the office, some going back all the way to 2004, and this was a good reminder that I should get more soon. Bundle wrapping sounds like a brilliant way to bring your shirts around, but I’d also like to recommend to other people to use tight rolls rather than regular folding when trying to pack clothes you don’t care to crease.

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