Posted: 17 May 2010 by reanxyz in post

wohh…. check this out….


Jamil said Malaysia would be the right partner for this collaboration to address the food security issue since it had the expertise especially in handling the halal food chain.

Not many countries had the expertise in this area, he said.

“Some countries only produce halal products but they do not have the expertise to manage the halal value chain,” he added.

  1. hitamlagam says:

    bukannya Brunei start dah kan? Them “M” always love attentions….isn’t that what GhanimInternational are currently doing…

    • reanxyz says:

      i guess ghanim is moving too slow.. not enough promotion kali

      • hitamlagam says:

        I’m not sure if they are going slow, u know lah malaysians are attention seekers, they LOVE using media for their “achievements” although the achievements other country sudah buat…durang basar2kan supaya macam durang ang the first and only one yang membuat that “achievements”….hehehehe….

      • reanxyz says:

        hehe.. wat to do eh …
        watever it takes to win eh,,
        fail in business ethnics but win in getting business deals :p

  2. abufarhi says:

    wah… payah tu.. coz even in M, some got stories their halal cops are palsu and the halalness of the food is being questioned.. some lah.. not all..

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