Cashflow 101

Posted: 14 May 2010 by reanxyz in post

Hey guys… since you have play cashflow 101, please write a testimonial or share with the rest of our brothers and sisters what we have learnt.. ehe..

For me:
i actually learn a lot concepts about financial stuffs from books. but those are only concepts. i m not involved with any startups or real estate(in real life) yet. this game allow me to apply my knowledges to different situations i might come across in near future. so this cashflow game is a simulation of what i may encounter
Also from this game i discover that i cannot control my emotion as much as i think i can. i.e when everyone get into real estate, i feel left out and just cincai and end up losing more. ahaa. need to train harder and keep calm. and observe what other are doing and learn from them. ehehe

  1. bagbaga says:

    cashflow 101 -excellent game. examining the e-version..learning points for me.

    I always thought that debt is bad. Debt is not necessarily bad. Getting liabilties without assets is bad. If can make a loan and use it as a starting point for more income it is the best.

    Maximal income minimal expenses
    Aim is to get more income than expenses. make money grow, no use hoarding it.

    Steady, stable income is key.
    If you have a good daily income to work around, the potential is there. The more you can work with, the more potential you have. which means that cutting down on expenses and slowly building up the assets is the sure way to go. repeat and rinse.

    Efficient resource use
    It doesnt matter how much you have, its how well you use it to achieve your goals.

    Earn alot, spend alot. harder to live. harder to get out. challenging but fun.
    main thing is shit happens, be prepared to take that and be prepared to move forward from it.

    Events happen it is up to us to see it as an opportunity or a liability. make mistakes and learn from it.

    They should get the whole population on NBD learn about these concepts. what with silly card debts here and there.


    • reanxyz says:

      agree… keep making mistakes and keep learning from mistakes.
      the point of salary in the game is to tell you that you can try work very hard to buy “asset” first then you can relax later. ehe

      • hitamlagam says:

        I always believe that buat mistakes is good for us, because it gives us more knowledge, of course if people learn from it lah…what i mean by knowledge is, when u make mistake, you will learn what not to do, and what to do…aku inda tau apa yang ku cakapkan but yeah, pahamkan saja tia..btw reanxyz, bah make a game just like this, tapi brunei punya version, with brunei punya fiscal policy apa tani include, so more realistic and perhaps lebih difahami oleh Bruneians, u can get rich buy selling it too, aku dapat royalty saja by pitching in ideas…hehehe…

  2. reanxyz says:

    haha.. brunei policy? payah tuh.
    and i cant really see how business can sell with a local version
    lebih baik we become a licensed distributor of the board. since now the younger generation more enthusiatics and hunger to learn more…

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