Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico

Posted: 12 May 2010 by abufarhi in post

Have all of you heard about the BP rig explosion in the gulf of mexico? Apparently BP have tried so many countless efforts to control the oil spill disaster even to the extent of collecting people’s hair to pull the oil spill together! and also trying to stop the oil under water from gushing out by releasing a big boulder to block the rig holes.

This is not the first time BP has had a major disaster, the last major one was in 2005, Texas City where a refinery blew off and killed 15 people and injuring more than 100+ people! That one was caused by an overflow of gas in the distillation chamber. And for that BP had spent more than 3Bil USD to fix things up.

For all that I know, looking at the facts, in 2005 BP shares went down close to 16%, thats even lower than our BSP here. After this incident I’m sure their shares will come down even further. And definitely the Us G’ment will sue them much more for the ecological disaster caused.

  1. hitamlagam says:

    high BP kali bah…hehehe…as in blood pressure, iatah melatup atu…

  2. reanxyz says:

    collect human hair?? protein can adsorb the oil kali

  3. reanxyz says:

    Shell has the technology to insert mud to contain the oil pressure.
    is the BP tech not having a good technology or their oil reserve is too big creating enormously large pressure…..
    Or environment cleaning company want a oil spill to happen? ahaha

  4. abufarhi says:

    Actually the mud thingy is commonly used nowadays dude. The new technology that shell has is they use water to flood the oil and gas reservoir under the seabed to force all the crude oil and gas to go out and into the tubing. Just like sucking your drink from a straw hehe

    as for the BP one, any location thats been drilled for oil and gas, beneath the seabed is actually like a messed up spagetti noodles, some are old and some are new.. and what this BP did was not to properly close the old ones, all they did was patching things up. So when the newly drilled hole kaput, the old ones also get affected..macam domino effect tia

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