Revisiting one idea that we discussed lo…

Posted: 11 May 2010 by reanxyz in ChatTok

Revisiting one idea that we discussed long time ago…. garlic and onion farm is a very good investment.. but these bulbous plant can only be planted in seasonal countries – if you wan to harvest the bulbs… when planted in hot tropical countries i.e Here.. we will get the spring onions and the shoots… i will never get the bulbs.. as we do not have winter so the plant will not go into dormancy (bulb stage)

However to make this happen in brunei… we need a big warehouse building where we can open up the roof (i have other idea but not to share in this blog :p) to allow the sunlight to come in… then we need a system that can cool down the temperature inside to 5-10deg C to emulate the winter condition..

since my lab is so cold… maybe i will try out.. the lowest temperature i can get in my lab is 16deg C. hehe

And also if we can emulate winter… we might as well plant apple, berries, grapes.. more lucrative than onions.

Well… just a brainstorming session

  1. hitamlagam says:

    I pitch in money lah maybe..jadi small shareholder, hahaha….or aku balikan thermometer saja…kira jadi small shareholder jua tu…hehehe…

  2. abufarhi says:

    Can put in fridge bah.. some fridge can go lower to 6degC. how how hehe

  3. reanxyz says:

    ada technology pulang. hehe macam guna solar power or wind energy to harness the electricity for aircon… of coz there are better way but not sure how.. ;p
    when i find out more then i post here lagi..
    the big containers can be used to build the warehouse. cheaper. and can be insulated easily

  4. abufarhi says:

    oh ya ah dude.. i wonder how much the container costs.. i saw SKH Kiulap having containers to store the frozen foods or whatever their stock is in there.. hhmmm

    • reanxyz says:

      hehe… if you get to find out please let me know also. ahaha… last time i check internet i think singapore selling S$5k per container… that was long time ago. nt sure hw much it cost now

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