The Rockstar

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I just wanna say “Woaahhhhh” without disclosing any name….

There is a familiar face in the picture…

‘Supersyke’ was on the news…

Borneo Bulletin Weekend 1st May 2010

Awards for art competition participants
By Danial Norjidi

Group photo of the winners and artists with Alliance Francaise members.

Five students were presented with prizes yesterday for their participations in an art competition, which was held during Alliance Francaise’s recent Francophone Week.One of the features of the Francophone Week was an art exhibition, entitled ‘Dix-moi dix mots’ (Tell me 10 words), which saw 20 local artists taking up the challenge of illustrating 10 French words: crescendo, remue-meninges, mobile, escagasser, variante, Cheval de Troie, mentor, baladeur, galere and zapper.

As a part of this, 120 students from various schools in Brunei took part in visits and workshops for the art exhibition, and also had the opportunity to create their own works of art, based on the aforementioned 10 words.

The five winners, who were chosen out of the 120, were presented with gift certificates for one free Creative Art and Sketching Class from Rainforest Gallery.

In an interview, Julia Ladics, a Year 10 student from Jerudong International School who was selected as one of the winners, explained her inspiration: “I thought about creating two opposite things, while all the details just came as I drew it.

“I really want to study art,” she said. “I hope (the class) helps me get into the spirit of art.”

In an interview with another winner, Lim Xin Ying of Maktab Sains said, “I found the art (at the exhibition) a bit unusual. It showed art in a different way, and I found it very interesting, especially what the artists did with photos.”

Speaking about her gift certificate, she said, “I’m happy with it. I’ve not been there before and it should be good.”

The other winners were Amal from Sayyidina Hussain Secondary School and Nur Farahi Yas Aus and Anatasya Nadzira Abdullah from STPRI.

On hand yesterday to present the winners with their prizes were two of the local artists who had chosen the five winners, Alif and Faizal.

Speaking about the students’ art, Alif said, “We were looking for anything that really stood out and was different.”

Alliance Francaise also announced that their next event will be a musical event, entitled “Jalan Music” on May 16, which will feature Brunei traditional music from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and a European trio, performing through a collaboration between Alliance Francaise and the German Embassy.

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    he really looks like a rockstar ah hehehe did u invite him here?

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