So what is going on…. ? (psychologically and spiritually)

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This is a short excerpt from the news..
A WAVE of mass hysteria is reported to have struck an all-girls secondary school in Berakas yesterday, where witnesses said 15 students were “possessed by spirits” (jinn) , with spiritual healers called in to calm the affected students.

This is the second incident of mass hysteria reported in Brunei in two weeks. A similar phenomenon occurred at Sufri Bolkiah Secondary School in Tutong, also an all-girls school.

————–Borneo bulletin————————

‘Possessed’ by playing ‘Spirit of the Coin’

By Aziz Idris
An all-girls secondary school in Lambak Kanan came under scrutiny when reports of paranormal activities surfaced after a group of students allegedly invited ‘unwanted guests’ by playing a game called ‘Spirit of the Coin’.
“This so-called ‘thrilling’ game should not be practised by all means necessary as it is a sin in our Islamic beliefs,” urged Ustaz Muktar from Malaysia who is currently in the sultanate to conduct training at Darusysyifa’ Warrafahah, an Islamic Welfare and Medical Association.

Ustaz Muktar was one of the two teachers from Darusysyifa’ Warrafahah that safely cured four students who were supposedly possessed by ‘spirits’ or jinn. According to him, some 20 students were reported “ill” but only four remain in critically conditions and must be isolated.

“The four students came with their parents to our office in Kampong Manggis at 11 am. I cured three of the girls and my colleague, Ustaz Razak cured one of them. Praise to Allah the Almighty, the girls are now in a stable condition and they have been discharged late in the afternoon,” he said during a phone interview with the Bulletin.


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