Brunei toilet (BB 25-04-2010)

Posted: 02 May 2010 by reanxyz in post

The ratings are as follows: The Mall = 4-Star, Rizqun International Hotel = 4-Star, Centrepoint = 4-Star, Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex = 3-Star, Jalan Bendahara = 2-Star, Manggis Mall = 2-Star, Jalan Residency = 1-Star, Pasar Gadong = 1-Star, whilst four spots, including Tamu Selera, Kianggeh Tamu, Multistorey Carpark and Hua Ho Yayasan were given ‘Nil’ as star rating.

Nearly all locations were not spared a long list of notoriety found in the spot checks (April 8, 22): no toilet tissue (Hua Ho Yayasan), poor lighting (Tamu Selera), slippery floor (Tamu Kianggeh), poor maintenance (Multistorey carpark), not enough facilities (like mirror), unpleasant smell (Hua Ho Kiulap), ‘weird’ smell (The Mall), bad design (Multi carpark), dirty floor and toilet bowl (Multi Carpark), broken toilet flush (Yayasan), piping problems, unclear toilet label (Jln Residency), low grade ventilation system (Pasar Gadong), no changing room for babies (Jln Bendahara), no coat hangers, too much damage, leaky pipes, no ledge, no soap dispenser, uncomfortable odour, no exhaust fan and an unsafe environment with fish tank, bulbs and boxes (Hua Ho Kiulap), need for renovation, too small (Brunei Museum) and all ‘squatting pans’ (Malay Technology Museum). And no suggestion box at all restrooms surveyed.


They have a different word to describe the smell.. Bad, uncomfortable, weird?
maybe they can just rate the smell with the same word –> “bad smell. “badder” and baddest”?!!!!!” aha
or alternatively they can label the smell with number..
Good odour(1)—> normal toilet odour(2) —->bad odour(3) —>very bad odour(4) —>despicable odour (5)


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