Sebelum Maghrib

Posted: 29 April 2010 by hitamlagam in Uncategorized

Sebelum Maghrib baiktah ku membuat post…

Simple saja…

In Japan, if any of our internal organs ani kurang berfungsi dengan baik or tidak berfungsi dengan baik, we can be considered as person with disability…what do you think? I need your views…

  1. SchwarzeMitternacht says:

    So does that include urang yang terpaksa memakai kacacamata/contact lens (mata yang kurang berfungsi dengan baik) ? What about urang yang ada high blood pressure (so masalah saraf darah/jantung)? Kalau ikut that definition, aku ani doubly disabled lah ni. That’s interesting

  2. reanxyz says:

    Internal organs… eyes consider kah?
    If disability is there any welfare benefit given by the government?
    “kurang berfungsi” = diabetics, heart disease, gall stone, impotent…..
    giler jua…. it can rise the % of disability so high that they will have a highly disabled population

  3. hitamlagam says:

    I heard this dari the Japanese, durang ani people from Asia Pacific Centre for Disability, berpusat di Thailand…durang cakap that definition masa our sharing session with them….nya, in Japan durang define internal organs yang kurang berfungsi pun kana kira disabled, and are subject to menerima pension, macam di Brunei lah jua, but, subject to durang punya income lah….but then again, as Mr. reanxyz says, % of disability will rise plang tu…iatah, macam aku bah, ada gout, sometimes ada naik blood pressure, and of course pakai kacamata…mun kan dimasukkan dalam category disable

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